Run your event on sun

Clean energy for community events, festivals, outdoor parties and more

In partnership with South East London Community Energy, and inspired by our friends V3 Power we designed a hand-built solar powered trailer to replace diesel generators at outdoor events, removing noise, smell and carbon emissions. Our solar trailers provide independent sustainable power for events that inspire, entertain and make lasting impact without costing the earth.

As well as providing onsite renewable power for a range of demanding applications, the trailer's solar array and power storage set-up are an attraction in their own right - providing learning and inspiration about renewable energy of the future.

The integrated LCD control interface displays all system activity and performance using an intuitive and easily accessible visual display. Solar input and power output data is uploaded to an online portal in real time, allowing anyone to access and monitor the trailer's performance on their phone or computer.

Please get in touch if you're interested in a solar trailer for your group or community.


Indicative technical specifications


Rolls 4000 series batteries

The solar trailer is fitted with four heavy duty deep cycle batteries from one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers.

Victron Multiplus 3000 inverter-charger

A pure sine wave inverter-charger with exceptional efficiency, reliability and flexibility, the Victron Multiplus enables the solar trailer to deliver uninterrupted power at all times.

Victron BlueSolar 100/50 MPPT charge controller

The solar trailer supports an impressive Solar PV array connection of up to 1.5 kWp. Victron's BlueSolar charge controller responds quickly to variable solar generation to provide efficient and robust battery management and system protection, whatever the conditions.

Victron Colour Control GX control panel

The integrated LCD control panel logs all system activity and performance from power output to storage and charging as well as solar input. Data is uploaded via an on board wifi router to an online data portal. In addition to data logging, the control panel enables the operator to quickly and easily check system status.

Battery Voltage: 24V DC

Effective Battery Capacity: 7.5kWh

3kVA Pure Sine Wave Primary Inverter

350VA Pure Sine Wave Secondary Inverter

Solar Input: 1050W