Learn to build renewable power. Explore the future of energy. Empower yourself.
Our practical energy workshops are open to groups and individuals, and require no prior knowledge.

Build your own solar charger

Our full day workshop goes back to basics, ready to take you from zero to hand-made solar panel in a flash - with the future of energy explored along the way.

Introduction to off grid energy

Dive deeper and learn the basics of off grid energy how to use solar panels, batteries and appliances in a 12volt off-grid system. This introductory half-day workshop sets the scene and gives you the basic tools to understand, design and build off grid systems.

DIY Bike Power

Get hands-on access to bike generation technology and work as part of a group to build machines that can turn human power into electricity with the addition of a regular bicycle .

Group & bespoke

We can tailor workshops from DIY solar drop-in sessions, to school sessions, to weekend off grid installations. Just get in touch to let us know what you're interested in, wherever you are.