Build Your Own Lithium Power Bank - Basingstoke


Build Your Own Lithium Power Bank - Basingstoke


This workshop is being organised by the Basingstoke Transition Network, as part of Basingstoke Green Week. It will be happening at Brookvale Village Hall, Lower Brook St, Basingstoke, RG21 7RP.

From small mobile battery packs to household battery banks to electric vehicles to grid scale storage, we are relying more and more on batteries as a crucial party of our energy system. And with distributed renewable energy becoming more common, there's never been a greater emphasis on the importance of storing electricity.

Lithium-based batteries are being increasingly seen as a flexible and cost-effective storage solution. But how do they compare to other battery options, and what's the best way to use them?

This half day workshop will take a look at some of the everyday applications for lithium batteries, how they work, what differences there are between different types of lithium cells, what the risks and dangers are, and how the way they are used is changing.

Each participant will be able to take apart an old laptop battery and recover the cells inside, test them, and re-use them to make their own USB power bank to take away. There will also be the chance to explore how to use lithium batteries in other larger DIY energy projects, with a close look at a few different case studies.

  • All materials are included.

  • No previous experience required. All ages and abilities welcome.

  • Lunch included

  • 11am - 4pm.

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